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Thank you for your interest in Southern Illinois University’s crowdfunding platform SalukiFunder. Please complete the form below to submit your idea or project to be featured.

Please note that you must complete the information for all the fields for this request to be considered. This application will allow us to evaluate your project’s suitability for a fundraising campaign. Should you have questions before completing this form, please contact Matt McCoy. Please click Submit once you have completed all the required fields. Thank you!

Deadlines for completing the application are as follows: Fall Semester – August 15th Spring Semester – February 1st Summer Semester – May 1st

Project campaigns run for 30-45 days but projects require 10-12 weeks of focused, intense work before and after the campaign. The project creator will need to provide updates and remain actively engaged by posting new videos, utilizing social media and through email blasts. It is recommended that the project creator/owner commit 1 hour per day and each team member commit 30-60 minutes per day during the length of the active phase of the campaign.

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Are there chemical or biological hazards, controlled substances, or dual use research of concern involved in your project?
Does this project include the use or development of an unmanned aerial system (UAV, drone)?